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  click3: Happy birthday, World Wide Web!

The Journey of a Data Packet on The World Wide Web

Bothered by how long it takes a Web page to load — say, if it's more than a second? Full story

Dot-XXX address puts porn sites on the spot

Pornography finally has an official home on the Internet, and how governments treat this newly formed parcel of digital real estate could have significant implications for everything else on the Web from the presence of ethnic minorities to the spread of free speech. Full story

State of the Internet: Traffic Jams Ahead Unless More Cables Laid

As the internet rapidly expands with ever more videos, web pages and posts, more ocean-spanning cable lines will be needed to string together this essential global computer network. Full story

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IMAGE: Tim Berners-Lee, british computer scientist and inventor
IMAGE: Tim Berners-Lee, british computer scientist and inventor

British computer scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, addresses a press conference at the 20th International World Wide Web Conference at Hyderabad International Convention Centre in Hyderabad on March 31, 2011. The conference's theme "Web for All" aims to highlight the ne