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Chicago still paying for police torture claims

A former Chicago police commander imprisoned for lying about the torture of suspects decades ago is still costing the cash-strapped city money as it defends itself — and him — against civil lawsuits from men who claim he and his men beat, suffocated and shocked confessions out of them. Full story

Ex-wife says Tea Party congressman owes $100,000 in support

A Tea Party-backed U.S. Congressman who has lectured the U.S. government about getting its financial house in order owes more than $100,000 in child support payments, a lawyer for his ex-wife said on Thursday. Full story

'Ransacking' raccoons hit Chicago lakefront

Parks officials have been forced to trap and euthanize around 120 raccoons from Chicago's lakefront after the furry scavengers reportedly rampaged through the area. Full story

Fixing the filibuster

   Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times and Michael Hirsh of the National Journal talk with Chris Matthews about the hopes of Senate Democrats to reform the Senate's filibuster rule.

Will Obama’s roll continue in 2010?

   Can the president continue to deliver, or will he get rolled by the new Republicans coming to town? Lynn Sweet of the Chicago-Sun Times and David Corn of Mother Jones join Hardball’s Chris Matthews to discuss.

Is Emanuel the front-runner in mayoral race?

   Jim Warren of the New York Times and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago-Sun Times join Hardball’s Chris Matthews to discuss.

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Dexter Chaney
Dexter Chaney

Third-grade teacher Dexter Chaney from Martin A. Ryerson Elementary School in Chicago reacts after being named recipient of the Milken National Educator Award, a prestigious national teaching award. Chaney was one of 55 nationwide to receive the honor, and the only one from Illinois. (AP Photo/Chi