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NASA commitment to Senate wishes questioned

Members of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee questioned NASA’s commitment to building new hardware capable of sending astronauts beyond low Earth orbit by mid-decade as directed in a hotly contested but ultimately bipartisan law the panel drafted last year. Full story

Pucker Up for your New Year’s Kiss

Dinosaur Extinction Paved Way for Mammal Giants

Deuce McAllister on football ‘Science’

More 'crystal' sodas in the future?

  The Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking the FDA to ban the caramel color used in sodas and other edible items, saying the coloring causes cancer in laboratory animals. NBC's Kristen Dahlgren reports.

What’s causing winter’s wicked weather?

  Science professor Michio Kaku explains why many cities across the U.S. are being blanketed in record snowfall.

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Teen wins $100,000 for spaceflight software

SUV-sized fish were earliest filter-feeders

New idea surfaces on origin of moon’s water

Study: Wolves beat dogs when it comes to logic

Proteins that make pearls shimmer are found

Like humans, monkeys appear to prefer mimics

Rapid spread of swine flu justified warnings

Science panel to review FBI's anthrax inquiry

Huge impact crater discovered on Mercury

Obama promises major investment in R&D


  Inside the fight to save oiled sea turtles

Science and environment expert Jeff Corwin joins TODAY's Amy Robach to discuss the effort underway in the Gulf of Mexico.

  Secrets in the Suitcase, Part 3

Karin Strom’s sister Coco was determined to find out what happened. Who wanted to kill Karin Strom – and why? For decades, Karin’s husband had been suspect since she filed for divorce shortly before her murder. Could modern science finally convict him?

  Oil Well May Gush Until Christmas

Why it's imperative to ensure that a hurricane contingency plan is in place, with Michael Bruno, Stevens Institute of Technology School of Engineering and Science dean.

  Up close and personal with Great Whites

Science and sport fishing join forces off the California coast for a never-before-attempted research effort to study these massive sharks. Angler Chris Fischer and National Geographic producer Michael Domeier preview “Expedition Great White.”

  Five fleshy Guys? Xtreme Eating 2010

The watchdog group The Center for Science in the Public Interest released its annual Xtreme Eating list Tuesday, rating the highest-calorie offerings at some of the country's most popular food chains. NBC's George Lewis reports.

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Science / AAAS
Science / AAAS

This chart tracks the frequency of references to various foods between 1800 and 2000. "Steak" and "sausage" are perennial favorites, overtaken first by "ice cream" , and later by two Italian imports, "pizza" and "pasta" . "Hamburger" became widespread in the 1930s, and "sushi" is just now making

  The art of science

See "noisy" Olympic rings and other winning images from Princeton University's 2010 Art of Science competition.

Ardipithecus on Science cover
Ardipithecus on Science cover

The cover of the journal Science features the partial skeleton of Ardipithecus ramidus, a hominid species living about 4.4 million years ago in Ethiopia. The female stood about 4 feet (1.2 meters high).

Hypsiboas albomarginatus
Hypsiboas albomarginatus

Hypsiboas albomarginatus was one of the three frog species that figured in the Science study.