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  Strategist: The 2016 race has already started

Race in the race

  The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd breaks out the decision app and talks to the panel – AP’s Liz Sidoti, Politico’s Jonathan Martin, head of Priorities USA Action Bill Burton and former Senator Blanche Lincoln - to see how the minority vote can play out in November.

Political panel: Communication breakdown

  Is the President Barack Obama having a difficult time relaying his message to the American people? Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln, AP’s Liz Sidoti and Bernard Center’s Michelle Bernard  talk about where the president may be lacking.

Political panel: Family and the White House

  President Barack Obama appeared this morning in an interview alongside the First Lady, admitting mistakes of his first term in office.  Is the president trying to appeal to the “Wal-Mart mom?”  Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln, AP’s Liz Sidoti and the Bernard Center’s Michelle Bernard discuss the preside

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