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American gives Picasso art to University of Sydney

An anonymous American donor has given a Pablo Picasso painting worth millions to the University of Sydney on the condition the school use proceeds from the painting's sale to fund scientific research, officials said Wednesday.Full story

China leads challenge to 'scientific superpowers'

China and other emerging nations such as Brazil and India are becoming leaders in science to rival traditional "scientific superpowers" such as the United States, Europe and Japan, a top British academy said on Monday. Full story

Amelia Earhart investigation yields small clues

Scientific investigations have revealed that human DNA may be present in fragments of material which could provide crucial information about the fate of Amelia Earhart, the legendary pilot who disappeared 74 years ago while flying over the Pacific Ocean in a record attempt to circle the world at the Full story

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Scientists: FBI overstated anthrax evidence

13 percent of biology teachers back creationism

Brazil to step up crackdown on "biopiracy" in 2011

9 most provocative sex studies of 2009

Doctors: No proof anti-aging hormones work

Cell phones allow everyone to be a scientist

Obama promises major investment in R&D

Movie to 'Push' dubious psychic powers

Scientist warns cash woes 'devastating' to science

Can 'World of Warcraft' make you smarter?


  Mother fights to live beyond grim diagnosis

In January 1996, Kathy Giusti, a wife and mother, received a fatal diagnosis of an aggressive type of blood cancer. She tells TODAY’s Ann Curry that her ultimate goal is to live to see a cure.

  Study: Woman attracted to men in pricey cars

The findings of a new scientific study might not surprise anyone, but researchers found that women find men more attractive when they are driving high-end cars. KOB-TV's Jeremy Jojola reports.

  Taking politics out of stem cell research

March 9: NBC's Robert Bazell explains how Obama's reversal of Bush-era stem cell research restrictions signals a major change of attitude towards scientific research.

  Born to cheat?

Sept. 3: New scientific research suggests people may be born with a monogamous gene. Psychotherapist Laura Berman and NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman weigh in on the findings.

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In this Sept. 4, 2010 picture, biologist Eric Hoffmayer of the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Laboratory holds a satellite tag that he plans to attach to a whale shark in the Gulf of Mexico. Once almost a wilderness in the world of scientific research, the Gulf of Mexico ha

Cuban former President Fidel Castro visits National Center of Scientific Research
Cuban former President Fidel Castro visits National Center of Scientific Research

epa02244395 A handout photograph provided on 10 July 2010 by Cubadebate shows Cuban former President Fidel Castro during his visit to the National Center of Scientific Research in Havana, Cuba, 07 July 2010. EPA/ALEX CASTRO / CUBADEBATE / HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

Robot scientist 'Adam'
Robot scientist 'Adam'

Robot scientist "Adam" working in the lab at Aberystwyth University. The robot carried out each stage of the scientific process automatically without the need for human intervention.

Princess Elisabeth base in Antartica
Princess Elisabeth base in Antartica

TO GO WITH AFP STORY in French by Philippe SIUBERSKI - This undated handout photo released by the International Polar Foundation shows Belgium's new PrincessElisabethbase in Antartica. Forty years after the closure of King Bauduin base, Belgium inuagurated on February 15, 2009 a revolutionary scient