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  Retailers hope for refund spending boom

NYT: In Europe, is VAT refund worth your time?

Each year American travelers leave behind an estimated 60 million euros in unclaimed value-added tax refunds. Full story

Big tax refund? Consider adjusting withholding

Your taxes are done and you're excited about getting a $3,000 refund. It's hard to resist thinking about a big-screen television, a mall shopping spree or a vacation. Full story

Identity theft victims get bogus tax refunds

  Identity theft victims receive tax refund checks for returns they never filed. WFLA's Lauren Mayk reports.

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Jackson Hewitt sues H&R Block over ads

Treasury launches tax refund debit card


  How to spend your tax refund

CNBC’s Nicole Lapin tells viewers the five smartest ways to spend their tax refund, like looking at any outside debt and exploring projects around the house.

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