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  CIA burns documents to heat headquarters

Is that JFK memo to the CIA about UFOs real?

A story that combines UFO cover-ups with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. And that's just what author William Lester says he uncovered while conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a memo written by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the preside Full story

Report: US national lab needs more cyber controls

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory failed to set up adequate cyber security controls for classified information, including details about the nation's nuclear stockpile, according to a federal report released Tuesday. Full story

British nuclear sub secrets posted in online blunder

A simple computer error has landed the British Ministry of Defence in deep water after it published a sensitive report on nuclear submarine security and failed to properly conceal classified information meant to be hidden from view. Full story

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Manning faces new charges, possible death penalty

Ex-CIA officer charged with leak to reporter

WikiLeaks prompts internal federal crackdown

U.S. dilemma: No easy way to charge Assange

Warrant alleges sailor tried to sell military secrets

WikiLeaks' 'insurance' file to ensure work goes on

White House condemns WikiLeaks' release

U.S. geologist gets 8-year jail term in China


  Julia Child before she became a culinary icon

Author Jennet Conant talks about Julia Child’s personal struggles and her coming-of-age during World War II. These stories and more are in her book, “A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS.”

  Suspect in Wiki scandal could face death penalty

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is suspected of supplying WikiLeaks with hundreds of thousands of classified documents, faces 22 new charges, including "aiding the enemy." NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports.

  Rep. Kucinich seeks meeting with Manning

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is requesting a meeting with Pfc. Bradley Manning to talk with him about his confinement and whether or not his rights are being abused.

  Holiday cheer hardly masks economic anxiety

The jobs numbers may have jolted Washington and Wall Street, but on Main Street, the fact that jobs are scarce and times are still very tough is far from top secret. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

  Obama's plate full with Wiki, tax debate

Bob Woodward and the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson join Morning Joe to talk about the challenges facing President Obama with the tax debate and latest WikiLeaks report.

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