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Feds investigate safety of hair-smoothing product

Federal safety regulators say a popular hair smoothing treatment called Brazilian Blowout can release unsafe levels of the chemical formaldehyde, posing a risk to hair salon workers and their customers.Full story

Off-duty N.Y. cop praised in salon heist

Feris Jones' make-my-day moment came Saturday evening at a Brooklyn beauty salon when an armed bandit came in and announced a holdup. Police say she coolly drew her own pistol and exchanged fire. Full story

10 hurt after van plows into Tenn. beauty salon

At least 10 people were injured when a van crashed into the front of a beauty salon in Kingston, Tenn., one of three serious accidents Tuesday involving out-of-control vehicles. Full story

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Investigators probe beauty salon in baby ICU


  Hostpital nixes nail salon near newborns

Hospital workers in a Los Angeles area new-born intensive care unit are suspended after setting up a makeshift beauty salon in the ICU. KNBC's Andy Rosa Adler reports.

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