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  Gulf clean-up may take months

Schultz: Obama won’t let BP off the hook

  Ed Schultz and panel debate whether BP has been motivated by greed in their handling of the oil crisis.

Is the oil leak unfixable?

  Oil and gas industry expert Robert Cavnar gives his analysis of the unsuccessful “cut and cap” procedure used by BP to stop the oil flow in the Gulf.

BP fails to meet deadlines

  As the oil crisis grows, can the American public trust the courses of action taken by BP in its attempts to plug the leak? Msnbc’s Ed Schultz and panel debate.

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Ed Schultz: Middle class entitled to simple rights

Schultz: Middle Class entitled to simple rights

Debating the Black Agenda, a panel discussion

Schultz to participate in NAN event

'The Ed Show' for Wednesday, July 22, 6 PM

'The Ed Show' for Wednesday, July 22, 11 PM


  Small business goes green

Playbook: Ed Schultz is joined by the co-founders of Glass Nickle Pizza Company, Brian Glassel and Tim Nicholson, to discuss their company’s environmentally friendly ways.