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  L.A. workers involved in porn film scandal

Ex-UN weapons inspector takes stand in sex case

A former U.N. weapons inspector arrested in an online sex sting insisted Wednesday that he believed he was trading sexually explicit messages with an adult, not an underage girl, and rejected prosecutors' claims that he has a history of trying to pick up minors over the Internet. Full story

Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector

No one disputes that former U.N. chief weapons inspector and prominent Iraq war critic Scott Ritter entered an adult chat room two years ago, traded sexually graphic messages and performed a sex act on himself in front of a webcam. Full story

Your Career: Getting lewd in the workplace

Is sexually explicit behavior in certain work settings ever legally, morally or civilly acceptable? The answer is not simple. Full story

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Feds bust child porn 'social networking site'

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