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  How ordinary bottles became a sailboat

Oregon Senate committee advances plastic bag ban

An Oregon Senate committee has advanced a bill that would make Oregon the first state to ban single-use plastic grocery bags. Full story

Acapulco police find 3 human heads

Police found three severed heads in plastic bags in the Pacific coast resort city of Acapulco, authorities said Monday. Full story

'I won't pay' movement spreads across Greece

They blockade highway toll booths to give drivers free passage. They cover subway ticket machines with plastic bags so commuters can't pay. Even doctors are joining in, preventing patients from paying fees at state hospitals. Full story

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Italy to ban plastic shopping bags on January 1

San Jose to outlaw plastic bags at checkouts

Plastic Bag Found Floating Near Titanic Shipwreck

Plastic bag ban OK'd in parts of L.A. County

Plastic bag found floating near Titanic shipwreck

American Samoa approves plastic-bags ban


  Newborn tossed in bag, found alive

Police in Brazil rescue a newborn baby boy that had been tossed over a wall in a plastic bag.'s Dara Brown reports.

  A plastic bag ban in Calif.?

Environmental costs and concerns have state lawmakers in Calif. considering a vote on a plastic bag ban. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

  'Bag monsters' say ban to plastic

Dozens of people dressed as mounds of litter bags march to demand a plastic bag ban in Dallas. KXAS reporter Ashanti Blaize has the story.

  Hannity trash-talks liberals

Psycho talk: Sean Hannity expressed his unhappiness with San Francisco’s ideas to cut pollution, saying when asked, “Paper or plastic, I say double plastic just to annoy liberals!”

  Does big oil's influence extend to NASA?

Rachel Maddow explains NASA's Project OMEGA, an alternative energy program, and talks with NBC News space consultant James Oberg about whether the NASA administrator has a conflict of interest for discouraging Projet OMEGA while also holding a large amount of oil company stock.

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Fish in plastic bags street sales
Fish in plastic bags street sales

epa02641379 An aquarium fish opens its mouth wide as it swims in a plastic bag, tied to many other fish in water-filled plastic bags that are attached to a stick and for sale, by a Thai street seller , in Bangkok, Thailand, 19 March 2011. Each fish costs about 50 euro cents. Since the 1970s, fisheri

In this Jan. 28, 2011 photo, Randy Ritchey loads a plastic bag of groceries into the cart of Bonnie Freeman of Butte Falls, Ore., at the Fred Meyer store in Grants Pass, Ore. The Oregon Legislature is considering a statewide ban on plastic bags at retail stores. Fred Meyer supports the ban and has a