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  America might see first female desire drug

The pharmacology and the politics of women’s sexual desire

  Hilda Hutcherson from Columbia University and Vanderbilt University professor Jonathan Metzl join Melissa Harris-Perry’s panelists for a look at the pill that will stimulate a woman's libido so that she can have greater control.

‘Low-T’ drugs raise medical questions

  In the past year, drug companies have spent more than $100 million marketing low-testosterone, or low-T, drug treatments, but Consumer Reports’ medical experts are saying the benefits of the drugs may not outweigh the risks. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie reports and Dr. Michael Krychman comments on the d

New drugs aim to increase female desire

  Studies show between one and four years into a relationship, a woman’s sexual interest begins to wane, but new drugs are being developed to adjust reduced desire. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie reports and relationship experts Ian Kerner and Logan Levkoff discuss the pills, calling female sexuality “hugel

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Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

Do Natural Aphrodisiacs Work?


  Sexless marriage: How to reignite the spark

All couples wonder how much intimacy is normal and healthy, but what do you do if the spark disappears completely? NBC’s Maria Schiavocampo reports on one couple who struggled with this question, and relationship therapists Argie Allen and Ian Kerner give advice.

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