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7 held over slaying of Christians at Bible publisher

A Turkish court has ordered five active duty Turkish officers and two civilians jailed in a probe into the 2007 killing of three Christians, including a German national.Full story

JPMorgan to make amends with military clients

JPMorgan Chase announced new programs geared toward military customers and veterans, and apologized for overcharging thousands of active-duty service members on mortgages. Full story

Chase admits mishandling loans to military

  JP Morgan Chase admitted Wednesday that it has mistreated thousands of military servicemembers by overcharging them on their mortgages or outright foreclosing on their homes, in some cases while they were on war duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. NBC Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers reports.

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Chase pulls about-face on military loans

Chase response to NBC report on military loans

Record number of Army suicides in June

Blind soldiers find new niche in military


  Congress to grill Chase on GI mortgages

A House committee is expected to hear testimony regarding claims that JPMorgan Chase unlawfully foreclosed on military families. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

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