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For allies, a question of how to use privilege for good

Conservative radio commentator David Webb—despite insisting that calling something "normal" does not mean that anyone without that characteristic, be it skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability, is "abnormal"—got into a heated exchange with anti-racist activist Tim Wise over what Full story

Bill to ban sexual orientation therapy

Gay rights activists are planning to gather at the Statehouse in support of a bill that would ban therapy on minors that seeks to change their sexual orientation. Full story

New Jersey poised to become second state to ban anti-gay therapy

(Reuters) - The New Jersey Assembly voted on Monday to ban so-called conversion therapy, taking a step toward becoming the second U.S. state to prohibit licensed therapists from counseling gay and lesbian youths to change their sexual orientation Full story

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U.S. group that 'converted' gays closes its doors and apologizes

Harvard historian apologizes for Keynes homophobic remark

Eyes Reveal Sexual Orientation


  Bashir: Louie Gohmert earns dubious GOP distinction

Martin Bashir details the deliriously insane comments of Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas -- from crab legs and food stamps to sexual orientation and the workplace – that have won him the show’s “Crackpot of the Week.”

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