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Suicide training planned after open mic stabbing

Officials in Bend are planning free suicide prevention training after a young man who moved to central Oregon last summer from Alaska fatally stabbed himself following a performance in a coffee shop. Full story

Surprise: Cellphones Make People More Social with Strangers

Reading the news on a mobile device while waiting in line at a coffee shop may seem like you’re cutting yourself off from the people around you, but a new study from the University of Michigan suggests the opposite: The more people use their phones in public to stay up on news, the more likely they Full story

Jury finds bikini barista owner guilty of too much skin

The naked truth is that in one Washington State city, it just got more difficult to serve coffee with a side of bare skin. Full story

New 10-shot espresso drink is 'porn in a cup'

A Brooklyn coffee shop is offering customers a real jolt: 10 shots of espresso in a single serving with the nickname "porn in a cup." Full story

It's a Conspiracy! NASA Uses Photoshop!

A couple across the coffee shop from me have just picked on a poor unsuspecting passerby to take their photograph. They must be tourists, hopefully having a great time in my home city of Norwich. I bet when they see the picture they'll regret not having turned on the red eye reduction function thoug Full story

Topless coffee stand burned over hot affair?

A state investigation says a man suspected of burning down a Maine coffee shop that featured topless waitresses was mad at his girlfriend, who was having an affair. Full story

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Neon coffee shop sign at Pike's Place Market.
Neon coffee shop sign at Pike's Place Market.

No surprise -- the home of Starbucks is the mother ship for coffee-loving AFC voters. But there is more than just that familiar logo here -- you'll find plenty of indie coffeehouses all over the city, as well as espresso shacks and carts on street corners and in parking lots.