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Ralph Nader: Progressives are ‘marginalized’ in Democratic Party

The consumer advocate and former presidential candidate he believes that liberals have lost their bargaining power because they do not challenge establishment Democrats or show a "movement sensibility."Full story

Ralph Nader determined to shake-up 2016 election

  The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd takes a “deep dive” look into third party politics and what Ralph Nader’s planning for 2016. Nader then joins The Daily Rundown to continue the discussion.

Ralph Nader: Obama raising the minimum wage is ‘just talk’

  Ralph Nader, author of “Told You So,” joins The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd to talk about President Barack Obama’s stance on organized labor. Nader also discusses where the progressive-left movement is headed.

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  How Third Party Impacts Elections: Nader

"The two-party dictatorship is going to come in for some real challenge," said Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, explaining why politicians should pay more attention to the Independent voter.

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