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Magic powder fuels electric bike

Bike riding is tough enough without the prospect of having hydrogen stored next to your nether regions.  Now a company has a way to make it safer and more feasible, using a special powder.Full story

Halloween safety gadgets to entertain kids

Halloween is just around the corner! Before you begin trick-or-treating, consider ghoulish goodies, like a smart child locator device, a ghost detector, electric scooters and more. Full story

Segway firm owner dies in Segway accident

  James Heselden, the British businessman who bought the Segway company last year, died after plunging off a cliff while driving one of the upright electric scooters. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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Electric motorcycles? Company charges ahead


  Electric motorbike designer on the "Enertia"

Nov. 18: Brian Wismann explains the difference between his electric motorcycle and more aggressive gas-guzzlers.

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