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    wife: this one go down.

    >>> back now at 8:10. it has been exactly one month since utah mother susan powell 's mysterious disappearance, and her husband, a person of interest in the case, is reportedly planning a move. we'll talk to his sister and his brother-in-law in just a moment, but first, nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest.

    >> reporter: after being gone from his utah home for several weeks, neighbors have noticed activity at josh powell 's home in recent days. his brother was seen there tuesday. after losing his job, josh powell is said to be packing up inside, reportedly planning to move.

    >> i was surprised to hear that. i didn't know that he was going to move out.

    >> reporter: police have no suspects in susan powell 's disappearance but have named her husband a person of interest .

    >> at this point, he's free to do whatever he wants, correct?

    >> that's right. he's still a person of interest . he is still not willing to come in and talk to us.

    >> reporter: not long after the search for his wife began, powell left their home in utah with his sons and drove to washington state to the family home where he grew up 900 miles away from the search for his wife. his return to utah and continued silence have added to the frustration expressed by police and neighbors.

    >> he's somebody that i went to church with, and if he's the leader of his home, where is he? he's not looking for his wife. that much i know.

    >> reporter: his refusal to talk with detectives or answer any questions regarding his missing wife have led to speculation about his motives.

    >> both scott peterson , and now, it appears, josh powell have done the exact opposite of what we would expect. in essence, instead of spending and devoting their time looking for their wife, they're moving on with their lives.

    >> reporter: police have not been able to verify josh powell 's story that he took his boys camping in this remote area after midnight in a snowstorm the morning his wife went missing.

    >> was she a runaway? was she kidnapped? could she have been murdered? these are all the choices they have, but it seems that everything centers back on her husband, josh, and on this story that he's used to explain the last night he saw her.

    >> reporter: now, with no new leads and josh leaving town, police are no closer to finding out what happened to susan powell , the vibrant, young mother of two small children. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles .

    >> jennifer graves is josh powell 's sister. she's with us now along with her husband, kirk . good morning, you two.

    >> good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> jennifer , can you confirm that your brother is moving, and if so, where's he going and are you surprised?

    >> he is indeed moving. he's going to move up to washington and live with my dad right now. no, i'm not really surprised. i'm disappointed. i think he would be better off staying here and supporting the search for susan .

    >> what is your relationship like with your brother right now? it sounds as though you're really carrying a lot of sadness and confusion.

    >> i am quite sad right now. the relationship is a little strange right now.

    >> strange. what about for you, kirk , are there some emotions? as you think about this, it's been a month now since susan 's disappearance and josh is the only one named a person of interest .

    >> clearly, there's a lot of emotion going on, and it vacillates between some frustration and some anger, but with nowhere to really direct any of that, it goes back to just kind of confusion. we wish something would break and we wish there was more information.

    >> you actually saw him not long ago. is it true you were actually helping him move?

    >> we have gone over a couple of times to help him do some packing and things.

    >> and so, you've seen the children, the two boys, very young boys . how are they doing?

    >> he actually didn't bring them back with him. the boys are still in washington with my dad. so --

    >> do we know anything about how they're doing?

    >> -- we haven't seen them. we haven't really heard a lot, you know. i think they're doing okay, but we haven't been able to see them for ourselves, so --

    >> they have spent some time with their grandpa, which is good.

    >> do the two of you still have hope? i know, jennifer , you were very close to susan . do you still have hope that she will be found alive? and if so, what do you want to say about that?

    >> absolutely. i still have hope. i'm very pleased with the diligence of the police. they have not given up this case. like it was said, it's been one full month now, but they are still working hard on it, and i would like everyone to continue to keep looking, keep -- if there are any even little, insignificant details that they might think of, you know, contact the police.

    >> all right. well, we've just showed her picture again and again. jennifer and kirk graves, thank you so much, and our best to you.

    >> thank you.

NBC News and news services
updated 1/10/2010 7:40:10 AM ET 2010-01-10T12:40:10

The husband of a missing Utah woman was moving out of the couple's home in a Salt Lake City suburb to Washington state Saturday, and police said they couldn't prevent the move.

West Valley City Police have named Josh Powell the only person of interest in the Dec. 7 disappearance of Susan Powell, but he has not been named a suspect.

"We cannot and are not limiting his ability to move freely," police Capt. Tom McLachlan told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Susan Powell has been missing since Dec. 7. She was last seen by her husband, who said he left on a winter camping trip with the couple's children at about 12:30 a.m. that day.

"He has not been cooperating with us very much up to this point," McLachlan said. He said they're watching the move, "and we're interested in it, but we can't prevent it."

McLachlan declined to comment on whether his department has been in contact with Washington state authorities.

Asked by reporters if he wanted to say anything before he briefly left his home around noon Saturday, Josh Powell replied "no."

His father and Susan Powell's parents live in Puyallup, a city south of Seattle where the couple met.

Powell's sister, Jennifer Graves, told NBC's TODAY on Friday that she was "disappointed" about her brother's decision to move in with their father.

"I think he would be better off staying here and supporting the search for Susan," she added.

Graves said the missing woman's two sons were "doing OK but we haven't been able to see them for ourselves."

Friends said Powell has been fired as a computer programmer for a trucking and warehousing company and may be financially unable to keep the home.

"Without a normal income and Susan's income, there's no way he can hang onto the house," neighbor Ron Stagg, who helped with the move, told the Deseret News.

Following Susan Powell's disappearance, friends and family said the couple were having marital difficulties and undergoing counseling. Court records show the couple had declared bankruptcy.

The Associated Press and NBC News contributed to this report.


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