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GOP budget includes overhaul of food stamps

House Republicans resurrected a 1990s-era fight over food stamps in their budget approved last week, arguing that any serious attempt to cut spending must include an overhaul of government programs that help needy families pay for food. Full story

'Government has to make up the demand'

   Dean Baker, economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research talks with Rachel Maddow about the economic impact of cutting back on unemployment benefits and food stamps and the economically stimulative advantage to giving money to people who need it more and will therefore sp

Taking food from a baby

   Republicans want to make families ineligible for food stamps if an adult member ever goes on strike.

In rural areas, gas, food hikes are twin burdens

Twice a week, Myriam Garcia puts snow chains on her 22-year-old gas guzzler and noses two miles down the hill from her trailer in rural western Montana. Full story

Jindal: On BP spill, ‘administration doesn’t get it’

   Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal defends his critical view of the Obama administration’s response to the BP oil spill.

Millions of Americans are food-insecure

   Big Number: According to the USDA, 17.4 million American households have difficulty procuring food.

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More working families getting food aid

Ind. ends food aid for developmentally disabled

NYT: Food stamps for soda? NYC seeks ban

Another victim of the recession: marriages

U.S. tries to take away stigma of food stamps


  Tipping the scale: New York takes on obesity

Dr. Thomas Farley and CNBC's Maria Bartiromo join the Morning Joe gang to discuss Mayor Michael Bloomberg's request to bar recipients of food stamps from using them to buy soda, as well as the overall importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

  Oct. 6: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast

SUPREME COURT FREE SPEECH, Pete Williams; MEDAL OF HONOR, Brian Williams; ATTACKED IN PAKISTAN, Andrea Mitchell; GULF OIL, Savannah Guthrie; SLUDGE, Brian Williams; WEATHER, Brian Williams; FOOD STAMPS, Brian Williams; STUCK AT HOME, Kevin Tibbles; LOUD WORKSPACES, Brian Williams; THE BOSS, Brian Wi

  For some, school lunch bill leaves bitter taste

A new bill requiring schools to provide healthier lunches comes complete with a side dish of controversy. NBC's Tracie Potts reports money from future food stamp benefits will fund the program.

  Flight attendent fired over food stamps?

A flight attendant claims she was fired after telling a reporter she relied on food stamps to feed her family. KARE's Scott Seroka reports.

  Schultz: America is desperate, wants answers

Rev. Jim Wallis and Rev. Al Sharpton join Ed Schultz to debate how the Obama administration should handle the record number of people receiving government assistance – food stamps, unemployment benefits, welfare, public housing and foreclosures.

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Bloomberg Asks Fed Gov't For Permission To Ban Food Stamp Purchases Of Sugary Drinks
Bloomberg Asks Fed Gov't For Permission To Ban Food Stamp Purchases Of Sugary Drinks

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 07: A sign in a market window advertises the acceptance of food stamps on October 7, 2010 in New York City. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing an initiative that would prohibit New York City's 1.7 million food stamp recipients from using the stamps, a subsidy for poor r