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Saudi elections - Women seek vote

Sara Abbar knew what would happen when she and her 28-year-old daughter tried to register to vote in Saudi Arabia's municipal elections.Full story

Kansas GOP complicates voter registration

  Kansas State Representative Ann Mah talks with Rachel Maddow about the detrimental effect of new restrictions on voter registration on the number of people likely to register to vote.

Latino population boom will have 2012 election echoes

New Census data reveals that significant growth in the adult Latino population could give President Barack Obama and Democrats an edge in some key battleground states in 2012. Full story

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1 hand or 2? Southern Sudan to vote on unity, split

NYT: Fraudulent voting re-emerges as a partisan issue

Watchdog: Deep problems plague Afghan vote


  GOP attacks Democratic base under budget guise

Rachel Maddow explains how Republicans are hoping to bust unions and make voter registration more difficult in an effort to undermine Democratic electoral power.

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A southern Sudanese woman receives her voter registration card after registering in the southern town of Melut on Monday, Nov. 15, 2010. Voter registration is under way in Southern Sudan in preparation for a January independence referendum that could see the creation of the world's newest country. M