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Did you remember to spring forward? It's not so bad

Something will happen in the wee hours of this coming Sunday morning that will send many of us into a groggy, moody mess come Monday.  Daylight Saving Time begins.  When we lose that precious hour overnight, we get less sleep.Full story

Key reminders as we "spring forward"

Waking up may be a little difficult for some people today as we spring forward for Daylight Saving Time. Full story

Almost time to spring ahead!

It’s that time of year again: Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. We “spring forward” one hour at 2:00 Sunday morning, though many digital clocks will adjust automatically. Full story

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Time Change Occurs this Weekend

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A model sits on top of a pile of mattres
A model sits on top of a pile of mattres

A model sits on top of a pile of mattresses on 5th Avenue March 14, 2011 during a store promotion to coincide with start of daylight savings time. The store also had "power nap" zones, sleep assessments and giveaways of "nap" sacks and mattresses.