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T. Rex at 20: How 'Jurassic Park' Science Has Evolved

With a 3D version in the theaters and a sequel due out next year, the now-classic "Jurassic Park" will roar into its 20th anniversary on June 11. Full story

And weighing in at over 9 tons ... T. rex!

The tyrannical lizard T. rex may have been heftier than thought, according to new weight measurements that show at least one individual tipped the scales at more than 9 tons. Full story

T-rex toys with Sydney students

   Hundreds of students in Australia squealed with delight after realizing a seven-foot-tall baby T-Rex visiting their school wasn't real.'s Dara Brown reports.

T. rex cousin: The weight of a bus and eats meat

A long-lost Chinese cousin of T. rex has been discovered, one comparable in size to the legendary predator and one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs ever found. Full story

Final word? T. rex indeed a ferocious killer

Was Tyrannosaurus rex a fearsome hunter, or merely an opportunistic scavenger? By looking at both potential rivals and prey of the ancient carnivore, scientists now have evidence that it had to indeed have been a fierce killer. Full story

Closet Veggie-Lovers?: 'Predatory' Dinos Ate Plants

Dinosaurs long thought to be predatory have been outed as plant-eaters by their anatomical features — including birdlike beaks. Full story

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Tooth marks suggest T. rex was a cannibal

Underwater T.Rex-like carnivores built to kill

When T. Rex became tyrannical

When T. Rex Became Tyrannical


  Iconic T. rex celebrates 10 years in Chicago

It's been a decade since The Field Museum in Chicago unveiled "Sue," the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton in the world. Now, the "King of the Dinosaurs" is more interactive than ever. NBC's Leo Juarez reports.

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A new study of the T. rex's muscular tail suggests he was one of the world's fastest hunters.