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Cancer cases to surge 75 percent worldwide by 2030

The number of people with cancer is set to surge by more than 75 percent across the world by 2030, with particularly sharp rises in poor countries as they adopt unhealthy "Westernized" lifestyles, a study said on Friday. Full story

Rich-poor divide reopens at UN climate talks

U.N. climate talks ran into gridlock Thursday as a widening rift between rich and poor countries risked undoing some advances made last year in the decades-long effort to control carbon emissions that scientists say are overheating the planet. Full story

Anti-poverty group ONE pushes for G8 food deal

Leaders of the world's industrial powers should commit to boost agriculture investments in poor countries and end hunger and malnutrition among the poor when they meet outside Washington in May, a group co-founded by anti-poverty campaigners and rock stars Bono and Bob Geldof said on Tuesday. Full story

World food prices just keep rising

Global food prices rose in March for a third straight month with more hikes to come, the UN's food agency said on Thursday, adding to fears of hunger and a new wave of social unrest in poor countries. Full story

Big profits for Big Pharma?

   Over the past decade, the top pharmaceutical companies have made over $690 billion dollars – not from life saving medical discoveries but from corporate mergers. Author Harriet Washington and panel discuss.

Meet the Entrepreneur of 2011 Award Winners

Read the inspiring stories behind Entrepreneur magazine's award winners, including the top college and emerging entrepreneurs. Full story

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Ultra-religious schools test Israel's high-tech future

Girl’s charity legacy tops $1 million


  Yemeni president resigns

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh agrees to transfer power amidst a nine-month uprising that has shaken the poor country. Meanwhile three Americans remain detained in Egypt. NBC's Thomas Roberts talks to the mother of one of the arrested Americans.

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