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Czech central bank withdraws lowest value banknote

The Czech Republic's central bank says Thursday will be the last day the country's lowest value bank note, the 50-koruna ($3) bill, will be accepted as legal tender. Full story

Follow the money: tiny transistors track cash

Banks have long considered placing silicon transistors on currency for security purposes, but the technology was too chunky and intensive for paper bills. Now, tiny low-power organic transistors developed by German scientists could make it possible to really follow the money. Full story

Fed Easing A Success?

   Has all the Fed money printing has been a success or a failure, with Peter Navarro, UC Irvine and Greg Valliere, Potomac Research Group.

Fed's 'easy-money' plan may be backfiring

Maybe the Fed's policy of running the money printing presses flat out just isn't working. And won't work no matter how much money the central bank creates out of thin air. Full story

Fed Mulls New Bond Approach

   Will dollar destroying money printing really solve the economy? Jon Hilsenrath, The Wall Street Journal and Michael Pento, Euro Pacific Capital.

Audubon's first engraving discovered

Thanks to a never-say-die effort between a currency historian and a scholar studying John James Audubon (1785-1851), the famous artist's first published bird illustration has been discovered. Full story

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  Will FinReg Create Growth?

A reaction to the bank bill passed by the Senate, with Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO).

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A Libyan bank cashier gives a client out
A Libyan bank cashier gives a client out

A Libyan bank cashier gives a client outdated bank notes, which had been removed from circulation several years ago and reissued recently by the central bank due to cash shortage, at a bank in Tripoli on March 17, 2011. TOPSHOTS/AFP PHOTO/MAHMUD TURKIA