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  Day 2 of Same-Sex Cases At SCOTUS

Shirts of shame: Good parenting or too harsh?

  TODAY’s Professionals – Star Jones, Suze Orman, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman – discuss the hot topics of the day, including a mother who wants to curb her kids’ bad behavior by making them wear shirts reading “I steal.”

Does same-sex marriage help or hurt the economy?

  MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts talks with Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and CNBC’s Suze Orman about the economic impact of same sex marriage.

Suze on Paying for College: Don't Do This!

  Suze Orman has a warning for parents of college students on what they absolutely shouldn't do to help pay the tuition bill.

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  Suze Orman's House Price Warning

Suze Orman has a warning for anyone thinking about buying or selling a home because interest rates are expected to rise.

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