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  More Americans want Obamacare repeal, but will that change?

Week in Washington

  CNBC's John Harwood reports the president plans to make a series of economic speeches this week. Howard Dean (D) former Vermont governor, weighs in. Also, the farm bill and the "unlikelihood" of real tax reform this year.

An opportunity to 'stabilize' Detroit

  CNBC's Scott Cohn provides an update on the latest details of Detroit's bankruptcy. Howard Dean (D) former Vermont governor, discusses and weighs in on Kate Middleton's delivery, with the Squawk Box crew.

Filibuster fight over

  Senate leaders reached a deal this morning in regards to the filibuster. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (D), and Former George W. Bush senior aide Sara Fagen, provide perspective. Also, Gary Lauer, eHealth CEO, explains why he supports bringing th...

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Obama must leave his party strong


  Obama Short on Foreign Influence?

Discussing the NSA whistleblower, and whether the U.S. has any foreign influence, with Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (D), Richard Williamson, Former Assistant Secretary of State, discuss.

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