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Israel thanks US for funding rocket defense system

Israel's prime minister has thanked President Obama and the U.S. Congress for $205 million in aid to develop a new Israeli-made missile defense system. The aid was approved Friday. Full story

Iron Dome: Israel Deploys Unique, Controversial Missile System

While the rest of the world's Mideast focus has been on the unrest in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen, the decades-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has entered a new phase of violence. Israeli and Palestinian forces have resumed trading airstrikes and rocket attacks, leading Israel to d Full story

US, Russia still divided on missile shield

U.S. and Russian defense leaders said Tuesday they are still divided over the planned missile defense system in Europe but will continue talks to try to resolve the differences. Full story

Gates hopes to expand US-Russian cooperation

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Russia Monday to take a final personal shot at easing Moscow's worries over a missile defense shield in Europe and to expand a military relationship that has grown dramatically since his Cold War days at the helm of the CIA. Full story

U.S. launches missile defense program for Europe

A U.S. radar-equipped warship to sail to the Mediterranean Sea to launch an anti-ballistic missile system to protect Europe against an Iranian nuclear threat, the Pentagon says. Full story

UAE looks to upgrade missile defense systems

The United Arab Emirates is planning to upgrade its missile defense systems and integrate them regionally with other Gulf Arab states to shore up its defenses, top military officials said on Sunday. Full story

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Anti-missile satellites pass big tests

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