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Americans 45 and older are new voting-age majority

For the first time, Americans 45 and older make up a majority of the voting-age population, giving older Americans wider influence in elections as the U.S. stands divided over curtailing Medicare and other benefits for seniors. Full story

For older adults, fitness is freedom, experts say

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - As 70 million-plus baby boomers roll relentlessly into their retirement years, experts say for those 65 and over staying active and fit can spell the difference between independence and frailty. Full story

Working Boomers say it gets better with age

Feel like the office geezer? Age may be an asset at work, or no issue at all, according to an poll. Full story

Baby boomers seek 2nd careers as entrepreneurs

Chuck Salley's career as a sales and marketing executive ended in early retirement. His latest career is taking the late-stage entrepreneur into the biofuel field. Full story

Poll reveals baby boomers' retirement fears

Baby boomers facing retirement are worried about their finances, and many believe they'll need to work longer than planned or will never be able to retire, a new poll finds. Full story

Baby boomer retirements to transform rural Minn.

The oldest members of the baby boom generation turn 65 this year. That means big implications for the workforce across Minnesota, but it will bring special challenges to rural areas. Full story

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3 E. Ore. fire departments consider consolidation

Retirement savings meager, and at 10-year high

Social Security fund will be drained by 2037

New hope for hep C, an often hidden disease

Baby boomers facing retirements in jeopardy

Drug overdoses on the rise in most age groups

As boomers age, 1 in 5 drivers will be oldsters

Census: Multiracial U.S. becomes more diverse


  Economy puts some retirements at risk

Some Americans who put money aside and invested in 401(k)s and other retirement plans thought they had it made, but as NBC’s Lisa Myers reports, a new analysis finds many haven’t saved nearly enough.

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