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Planned wireless Internet network threatens GPS

A new, ultra-fast wireless Internet network is threatening to overpower GPS signals across the U.S. and interfere with everything from airplanes to police cars to consumer navigation devices.Full story

Deadly crashes put scrutiny on low-fare buses

The past year has been one of exhilarating expansion, and deadly setbacks, for the fleets of inexpensive buses plying the highways of the Northeast. Full story

Professors banish laptops from classrooms

Professors have banned laptops from their classrooms at George Washington University, American University, the College of William and Mary and the University of Virginia, among many others. Full story

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Pew study: Wireless Internet use up sharply

Human ear inspires universal radio antenna


  Wi-Fi ambulances saving lives

Oct. 1: A St. Louis hospital has installed wireless Internet connections in its fleet of ambulances, allowing patient vital signs to be monitored en route, saving time and lives. KSDK's Kay Quinn reports.

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Screenshot of National Broadband Map showing underserved areas
Screenshot of National Broadband Map showing underserved areas

The National Broadband Map — publicly available at — lets you check broadband service options at a neighborhood, county, state or national level. Here it is depicting the areas least served by wireless Internet connectivity.