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Calif. youth center wins eminent domain battle

A California judge has ruled in favor of a youth center in its fight against a San Diego suburb that wanted to seize the property. Full story

MT gov wants 2013 sunset for eminent domain bill

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer said Wednesday he wants the Legislature to add an expiration date to a bill that gives private utilities the power of eminent domain. But Republican leaders gave the idea a cool reception, saying they could move to stop the governor's change. Full story

Pipeline firm threatens to use eminent domain

A Canadian company that wants to build an oil pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico is again threatening landowners with court action if they don't sell TransCanada the rights it needs to build the Keystone XL pipeline. Full story

Eminent domain measure stalls in Montana committee

A Montana Senate committee stopped an eminent domain bill that's backed by businesses and it is now likely lawmakers will take no action on eminent domain during the 2011 legislative session. Full story

Mont. Senate leaders draft new eminent domain bill

Montana Senate Republican leaders are drafting a last-minute eminent domain bill aimed at breaking an impasse between proponents of landowner rights and those of business development. Full story

NM group seeks comment on eminent domain rules

The New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority is soliciting public comments on its proposed procedures for using the power of eminent domain to acquire property for building electric transmission lines. Full story

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Montana landowner eminent domain bill fails

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