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Maine lawmakers hearing 2nd day of wind bills

Maine lawmakers are taking up a series of wind-power regulatory bills for the second day, pitting people bothered by noise and worried about health effects against businesses engaged in the industry. Full story

Radiation risk from nuclear plant seen as worrisome

As the operator of an earthquake-damaged nuclear reactor in Japan raced to try and prevent the core from melting down, experts on the health effects of radiation described the situation as worrisome but not yet posing a serious threat to public safety. Full story

Smokin' Hot Tobacco Stocks

   Despite the health effects and new regulations, many cigarette stocks are hitting new highs. But can an industry that everyone loves to hate keep smoking? CNBC's Brian Shactman discusses with Philip Gorham, Morningstar.

Office Workers Take to Pedaling At Their Desks

Combating the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle could be as easy as turning paper-pushers into pedal-pushers, a new study finds. Full story

Low arsenic levels not tied to high blood pressure

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - While arsenic in water and food is a health concern, a new study suggests the levels found in most Americans are too low to raise their risk of high blood pressure. Full story

Study links cell phones to child misbehavior

Researchers studying the health effects of cellphones say they have found evidence that when pregnant women use them regularly, their children are more likely to have behavioral problems. Full story

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Large study will examine BP oil spill's health effects

No link seen between cell phone towers, cancer

Skeptical public fears oil-spill health issues

Oil spill has little impact on human health

Fallen volcano ash could pose health risk

Study sees parking lot dust as a cancer risk

PTSD still lingers for 9/11 survivors, study says

Debate continues over safety of the Pill

Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

Ads aimed at sweetening corn syrup's image


  Danger not over for Gulf residents

Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, talks with Keith Olbermann about the adverse health effects from exposure to the oil dispersant used in huge quantities in the Gulf of Mexico.

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