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  Warmer world impacts spread of disease

WHO warns of enormous burden of chronic disease

Chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes have reached global epidemic proportions and now cause more deaths than all other diseases combined, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday. Full story

Factbox: Tobacco, alcohol, fat have huge health impact

The World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report on Wednesday on chronic, or non-communicable diseases -- which include diabetes, cancer and respiratory and heart diseases. Full story

Meningitis shot OK'd for babies as young as 9 months

The Food and Drug Administration approved the bacterial meningitis vaccine Menactra for children between the ages of 9 months and 23 months, said Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi-Aventis. Full story

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TB study points to drugs to halt lung destruction

Measles comes ashore in the Ocean State

Bus safety in abroad often overlooked

WHO warns of antibiotic overuse

Senators question FDA's response to tainted wipes

Two-thirds of alcohol wipes contaminated

Mom’s prenatal stress raises child's disease risk

Don't get the flu, don't spread it

Boston officials testing three more for measles

Proteins Gone Mad: Scientists Seek 'Switch' that Activates Cow Disease


  Recall issued for contaminated skin wipes

An FDA report says that 2/3rds of medical wipes produced by a Wisconsin firm, and used to clean skin before injections, are contaminated with dangerous bacteria, and are being recalled.

  Life in Haiti still far from normal

Nearly six months after an earthquake devastated the island nation, NBC’s Robert Bazell returns to Port-au-Prince and takes stock of the recovery effort.

  Where’s the H1N1 vaccine?

Nov. 17: Experts on swine flu are testifying before a Senate committee about distribution of the H1N1 vaccine to where it is most needed.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci about why it is so difficult to get the shots.

  H1N1 vaccine mismanaged?

Nov. 2: The government promised about 40 million doses of swine flu vaccine would be available by now, but the actual number of shots is much lower. Has the White House mismanaged vaccine distribution? Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with infectious diseases expert Michael Osterholm.

  CDC: Deadliest week for swine flu in children

Oct. 30: At least 22 children died from complications of swine flu over the last week, the largest number of pediatric deaths in one week since the epidemic began. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with infectious diseases expert Dr. William Schaffner.

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CDC testing
CDC testing

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 19: Kolby Sanders-Lewis a guest researcher at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention analyzes blood serums for infectious diseases in the new Parasitic Diseases Laboratory July 19, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Environmental Health Laboratory and the Parasitic Diseases L

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