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  Most likely to binge drink: young women

Risks of binge drinking often overlooked for women: U.S. CDC

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Binge drinking contributes to the deaths of about 12,000 women and girls annually in the United States and is a problem that gets overlooked despite causing a long list of health risks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday. Full story

Gals Down Alcohol Faster Than Guys

Who's partying the hardest this New Year's? In some places, it may be the ladies. Full story

College Binge Drinkers Happier Than Non-Bingers: Study

DENVER — The allure of the beer funnel for college students may have less to do with the need for a buzz and more to do with a desire for social status, new research finds. Full story

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  Binge drinking leads to girl fights

A 2008 national survey on drug use and health ties binge drinking to violent behavior in teen girls. KNSD's Rory Devine reports.

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