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Space junk needs to be removed from Earth's orbit: ESA

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Space junk such as debris from rockets must be removed from the Earth's orbit to avoid crashes that could cost satellite operators millions of euros and knock out mobile and GPS networks, the European Space Agency said. Full story

Harpoon could corral space junk

   They say the simplest ideas work best. Now British engineers have come up with a way of clearing up space junk, using an orbiting harpoon.  Tom Clarke Channel Four Europe reports. 

EU aims to prevent astronomically costly crashes in space

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A new EU-wide system to track satellites could help reduce collisions with orbiting space debris, crashes that cost operators millions and could knock out mobile and GPS networks. Full story

US Military Telescope to Track Space Junk Down Under

A U.S. telescope will hunt for space junk in the skies above Australia under a new defense agreement. The Space Surveillance Telescope is capable of scanning an area of space the size of the United States in seconds as it searches for small space debris that may threaten military satellites in orbit Full story

Time to get serious about space junk

Time is running out to get serious about fixing the problem of space debris, experts say. Full story

Dead satellite may pose threat for 150 years

An enormous Earth-observing satellite that was officially declared dead in space Wednesday  may stay in orbit for the next 150 years, posing a threat to other spacecraft zipping around our planet. Full story

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SETI to help US Air Force track space junk

Huff, puff and blow that space junk down

Junk-tracking 'Space Fence' passes key test

To control space junk, remove 5 pieces a year

US favors space code of conduct, with caveats

Space station dodges satellite debris

Space junk problem brought into public view

Space Junk Flies at You in New 3D Film on Debris Threat

UFO? Santa? Mysterious Lights Spotted on Christmas Eve Explained

Space junk alert called off for space station


  Coast clear from flying space ‘junk’

After orbiting the earth nearly 80,000 times, NASA’s satellite became “space junk” when it fell out of orbit somewhere over the remote North Pacific. NBC’s Lee Cowan reports.

  Watch out for space junk

NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is coming back to Earth, and there's a 1 in 3,200 chance that it will hit someone, but what are the chances it will hit YOU? Michael Eric Dyson talks with Dr. Paul Ceruzzi of the National Air and Space Museum about how much "space junk" actually orbits the

  Dear NASA, clean up this mess

There's too much "space junk" in our planet's orbit, according to the National Academy of Sciences. At least 22,000 objects floating in the Earth’s orbit could damage spaceships and satellites. NBC’s Harry Smith reports.

  Space debris came ‘closer than we’ve ever seen’

Six astronauts took to lifeboats as orbiting space junk came dangerously close to their space station. Although there was no collision, Lark Howorth and his team of NASA engineers who monitor the space station's orbit and movements said there was not time enough to perform a "debris avoidance moveme

  NASA: Space junk is no threat

There were a few nervous moments in space, when it seemed some space junk got a bit close to the International Space Station. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield snapped this shot of a "bullet hole" created by a micrometeoroid or piece of space junk in one of the space station's solar arrays.

PRECISING NATURE OF FALLING OBJECTA meteorite trail is seen above a residential apartment block in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk, on February 15, 2013. A heavy meteor shower rained down today on central Russia, sowing panic as the hurtling space debris smashed windows and injured dozens of stunned

Orbital debris
Orbital debris

Human-made orbital debris threatens use of Earth orbiting spacecraft.