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Ancient giant redwoods endured frequent fires

Ancient trees pack a record of ancient events. And now scientists have used 52 of the world's oldest trees — giant sequoia redwoods in California's western Sierra Nevada — to show that the region was plagued by drought and fire from the year 800 through the year 1300.Full story

Explore ancient Egypt from $1,349

Alexander the Great: not first at Alexandria?

Natural nukes may have crippled early life

Beetle's vivid color preserved for 600,000 years

Ancient history often appears black and white, since artifacts, fossils and other remains usually lose their color over time. But researchers have just found an iridescent blue-green bug that looks like it did 600,000 years ago when it was alive. Full story

Hunt for bird mummy in US comes up empty

Researchers who examined an Egyptian mummy with the latest imaging technology found no evidence that a packet inside her was an offering to the gods of the ancient world. Full story

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France rushes to Polanski's defense

Exhibit showcases paintings of ancient Rome

'9': It's more than a movie, it's a magic number

Ancient rocky structures built by microbes

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