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Mother-child bond inspired 'African Cats' necklace

NEW YORK — The mother big cat keeps her young close to her heart. Jewelry designer Alex Woo saw that up close and personal when she spent time in Africa.Full story

Rescued Bolivian lions get new home in Colo.

‘The Last Lions’ sheds new light on predators

Wild Tiger Gets New Home in Nepal

India's tiger census shows numbers on the rise

India's latest tiger census shows an increase in the numbers of the endangered big cat. Environmentalists counted at least 1,706 tigers in forests across the country, about 300 more than four years ago. Full story

Wildlife Groups Seek U.S. 'Endangered' Status for African Lions

Wildlife groups are taking a roundabout approach to protect Africa's iconic lions. They want the big cats listed as endangered in the United States. Full story

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Life with Lions: Wildlife Filmmakers Tell All

'Number Two' Could Help Count Endangered Tigers


  Squirrel escapes tiger's paw at NY zoo

Zoo keepers help a squirrel escape the clutches of a tiger at the Buffalo Zoo after it wandered into the big cat's habitat.'s Dara Brown reports.

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White Bengal Tiger
White Bengal Tiger

This file picture picture taken on June 1, 2007 in Vallejo, California shows Odin, a five year-old White Bengal Tiger diving for a piece of meat thrown to him by a trainer during a big cat show at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. World leaders sought on November 21, 2010 to come up with the hundreds of