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Prostate cancer tests don't help older men

Many men in their 80s get regular blood tests for prostate cancer even though there's no evidence the tests will benefit them, according to a new study. Full story

Blood testing proposal for Neb. students advances

Lawmakers advanced a plan Monday that would require children to undergo blood tests or get a doctor's note confirming they were at "very low" risk of developing mental or behavioral problems caused by lead before enrolling in a Nebraska public school. Full story

Scientists develop blood test for Down's Syndrome

Pregnant women may soon be able to have a blood test to predict whether their babies are likely to have Down's Syndrome instead of undergoing risky, invasive tests, scientists said on Sunday. Full story

Invisible bits of fruit can skew blood-sugar tests

Listen up, diabetics: invisible bits of fruit on your hands can mess up your finger-prick blood tests, making your blood sugar level look higher than it really is. Full story

Test may screen donated blood for fatal disease

A new blood test can diagnose cases of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a rare, fatal brain disease caused by proteins known as prions, according to U.K. researchers. Prions also cause mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Full story

Alzheimer's test may lead to early detection

   Researchers believe that in the near future a simple blood test may be able to accurately predict those at highest risk for Alzheimer's disease. KNTV's Marianne Favro reports.

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Scientists closing in on Alzheimer's tests

Indianapolis officer charged again in fatal crash

Blood test could spot Alzheimer's

Blood test to spot cancer gets big boost

Some soy supplements OK for long-term use

New blood test helps discover heart disease

Inflammation test poorly predicts heart attack

New blood test may help detect schizophrenia

High blood pressure? Personalized meds may help

Review sees flaws in dozens of N.C. prosecutions


  New blood test: Cancer-screening breakthrough?

NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman says that while a new “liquid biopsy” test can detect one cancerous cell among millions, this screening will be reserved for those already fighting the disease. Healthy patients may have to wait longer for it to become mainstream.

  Cancer-spotting blood test gets a boost

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital to advance technology that could potentially bring a blood test for detecting cancer to market. NBC's Robert Bazell reports.

  New clue in detecting ovarian cancer

NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman discusses a new breakthrough in ovarian cancer screening called the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm, which pairs a patient’s age with gynecological exam findings and blood-test results.

  UK developing non-invasive Down Syndrome test

Aug. 10: The U.K.’s National Health Services is developing a blood test to identify babies considered to be at risk of developing conditions like Downs Syndrome and cystic fibrosis, removing the need for invasive and potentially dangerous procedures like amniocentesis. ITN’s medical correspondent Su

  Blood test could detect colon cancer

June 10: A blood test could someday eliminate the need for colonoscopies. KXAS-TV's Deborah Ferguson reports.

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A man holds his child while waiting for blood tests

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