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Titanic's unknown child is finally ID'd

When the Titanic sank, it took the lives of 1,497 of the 2,209 people aboard with it. Some bodies were recovered, but names remained elusive. But researchers believe that they have finally resolved the identity of the unknown child —concluding that he was 19-month-old Sidney Leslie Goodwin from EnglFull story

Plastic Bag Found Floating Near Titanic Shipwreck

New species of rust-eating bacteria destroying Titanic

New claim: Helmsman turned Titanic into iceberg

Asteroid the Size of the Titanic Rocked Jupiter

The object that plowed into Jupiter in 2009, creating a giant scar, was most likely an asteroid the size of the Titanic, rather than a comet, the latest evidence suggests. Full story

Titanic Being Eaten by Destructive Bacteria

A rust stain may be all that will remain of the RMS Titanic in 15 to 20 years, according to new research into the submerged ocean liner wreck. Full story

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Plastic bag found floating near Titanic shipwreck


  Left behind on the Titanic

Artifacts are strewn amid the rusting ruins of the Titanic luxury liner at the bottom of the North Atlantic.

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The bathtub and shower plumbing in Captain Edward Smith's private bathroom are still visible within the Titanic shipwreck. Smith's bedroom was in the empty space to the right.

Titanic bow
Titanic bow

The bow of the Titanic shipwreck has become the signature image for the 1912 tragedy and its aftermath.

Titanic hull
Titanic hull

The steel of the Titanic's hull is peeled away like a sardine tin in this snapshot of the shipwreck, captured by a remotely operated vehicle.

Plastic bag near site of RMS Titanic
Plastic bag near site of RMS Titanic

Oceanographer David Gallo posted this picture of a lone plastic bag floating near the site of the RMS Titanic on his Twitter account.