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Aug. 30 deadline set for parents to scan fingers

Parents have until Aug. 30 to register for a finger-scanning system to sign children in and out of federally subsidized child care.Full story

Miss. moves ahead with child care finger scanners

After more than a year of controversy, the Mississippi Department of Human Services is enacting requirements that parents use a finger scanner to sign children in and out of federally-subsidized child care. Full story

Daycare may benefit kids of depressed mothers

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children of depressed mothers are less likely to have emotional problems if they attend daycare, a new Canadian study suggests. Full story

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  50 years after Equal Pay Act, why are women still making less?

The Cycle hosts talks to Stephanie Coontz about how far women have come in terms of equal pay in the work place and why the income gap still exists in such a large capacity.

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Early childhood education
Early childhood education

Bryan Calvario, right, and Jeramia Smith, left, concentrate on their bell ringing as they and other children from the Anderson Grove Head Start program in Caledonia, Miss., ring their hand bells to accompany several patriotic songs, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013 at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss., at the con