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  The cost of hack attacks

Hackers in four-year effort to steal South Korea military secrets: study

BOSTON (Reuters) - A mysterious group of computer hackers has spent four years spying on the South Korea military, U.S. security software maker McAfee said Monday, citing evidence uncovered from malicious software samples. Full story

Studies: Cyberspying targeted SKorea, US military

The hackers who knocked out tens of thousands of South Korean computers simultaneously this year are out to do far more than erase hard drives, cybersecurity firms say: They also are trying to steal South Korean and U.S. military secrets with a malicious set of codes they've been sending through the Full story

Is McAfee Anti-Virus Software Really That Bad?

Former tech mogul and fugitive from Central American justice John McAfee, tired of getting email from people complaining about McAfee anti-virus products, has put up a fun video instructing viewers how to "uninstall" his eponymous software. Full story

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John McAfee resurfaces as ranting video star, mocks McAfee software

Hipster Cybercrime: Malware Goes Retro for 2013

Smartphones Contain Sexy Pics — Often Without Passcode Protection

John McAfee, From Tech Pioneer to Murder Suspect

Fugitive Software Tycoon McAfee Fires Back in Blog

Emma Watson Tops List of '10 Most Dangerous Celebrities' Online

Symantec, McAfee Say Internet Scarier Than Ever


  Cyberattacks on the Rise: Expert

Michael DeCesare, McAfee president, provides suggestions on how to protect your online information.

  Hacking America: The New Cyber Threat

Mike Fey, McAfee worldwide chief technology officer, discusses the rise in cyber attacks and weighs in on what the government can do to curb these threats.

  Fed Hack Attack

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports the Federal Reserve says a recent hack attack did not affect any "critical operations." Pat Calhoun, McAfee senior VP for network security, discusses how hacking can be prevented and who the most dangerous hackers are.

  Trouble in Paradise, Part 7

Keith Morrison and the Dateline team go to Belize to search for the missing McAfee and have a revealing chat with one of his former girlfriends.

  Trouble in Paradise, Part 8

While McAfee courts the media from his various hideouts, the American expatriates on Ambergris Caye make a stunning discovery in Greg Faull's home.

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File photo of computer software pioneer McAfee speaking with reporters outside his hotel in Miami Beach
File photo of computer software pioneer McAfee speaking with reporters outside his hotel in Miami Beach

Computer software pioneer John McAfee speaks with reporters outside his hotel in Miami Beach, Florida in this December 13, 2012, file photo. McAfee has begun producing a series of YouTube videos, the first of which lampoons the McAfee anti-virus software company that he founded in the late 1980s and