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Genetic Testing Guidelines Under Fire

If you underwent a genetic test for a heart condition, but the test also revealed that you have a high risk of colon cancer, would you want to know? Full story

Actress places genetic testing in spotlight

   Time magazine’s Radhika  Jones shares this week’s cover story, “The Angelina Effect,” which sparked the national conversation on breast cancer testing.

Experts issue guidelines for gene tests in kids

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Groups representing pediatricians and geneticists issued new recommendations on Thursday to provide doctors with guidance about when to test a child's DNA for genetic conditions. Full story

Want to know if your child will get dimentia? Genetic testing could tell you

   Would you want to know if your child was predisposed to developing dimentia or Alzheimer's? Some people do, and they're willing to have their children undergo genetic testing to see what's there. Is there any value in knowing these risks? Time's Rick Stengel joins Morning Joe to discuss.

Custom cancer treatments

   Genetic testing allows treatments designed for individual patients. NBC's Mark Barger reports.

Gene test aims for better heart disease detection

It's not a perfect test. Yet researchers report a key step for the first gene test aimed at reducing unnecessary angiograms — expensive and somewhat risky procedures that hundreds of thousands of Americans have each year to check for clogged arteries. Most of these exams, done in hospital cardiac ca Full story

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A view shows the headquarters of Life Technologies Corp in Carlsbad
A view shows the headquarters of Life Technologies Corp in Carlsbad

A view shows the headquarters of Life Technologies Corp in Carlsbad, California April 15, 2013. Genetic testing equipment maker Life Technologies Corp has accepted a $13.6 billion cash buyout proposal from scientific and laboratory instruments company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc in one of the year