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Jury: Sailor not guilty in Peace Corps rape trial

In a rape case that focused on whether to believe a construction worker who works with the Navy SEALs or a woman who taught children in Uganda about safe sex, a military jury has decided the former Peace Corps volunteer's story of being sexually assaulted multiple times wasn't enough to convict the Full story

Condoms with Barcodes Track Safe Sex

A new Planned Parenthood initiative combines sex and social media to encourage people to use protection while they're getting busy. Full story

Some girls overestimate HPV vaccine protection

Some adolescent girls who get the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer wrongly think they no longer need to practice safe sex, U.S. researchers said on Monday. Full story

Officials urge: Have "the talk" with grandparents

   Florida health officials are urging adults to counsel their elderly parents on safe sex. WBBH's Leigh Dana reports.

Diaz on 'Bad Teacher's' 'creepy' sex scene

   The actress reveals why her intimate scene with Justin Timberlake is a safe sex PSA in their new raunchy comedy.

Starting HIV meds quickly helps protect partner

Starting treatment for HIV immediately is the most effective method yet discovered for preventing an infected partner from passing the virus that causes AIDS to a healthy partner, according to a new study. Full story

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Phone-sex company amassing 1-800 numbers

After sex, men think they look better, women worse


  Bristol Palin, abstinence role model … this time

Bristol Palin teamed up with MTV’s ‘The Situation’ for a public service announcement about abstinence and safe sex.

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