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  Researchers peer into mummy coffin

CT scans of Egyptian mummy help Vt. solve crimes

A childhood fascination with archaeology and a chance encounter with a 2,700-year-old Egyptian mummy are helping Vermont doctors and law enforcement officials find truth in some of the most challenging of modern-day crimes: the unexplained deaths of young children. Full story

Routine CAT scans expose radiation risk

  Health experts now claim that CT scans, a routine part of medicine, may be exposing patients to unnecessary amounts of radiation. While a concern for adult patients, the radiation risk is a far greater problem for younger pediatric patients. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports.

April 5: Nightly News Tuesday broadcast

  Budget battle continues; Ivory Coast President negotiates leave; Libyan revels criticize NATO delays; Iraq violence spikes; Radiation fears spread in Japan, Deadly Spring storms; Feds investigate Southwest planes, CAT scans are too routine; NASA confirms harmless space junk; Heart risk rises with wo

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CT scan surge for kids' emergencies raises concern

Milwaukee museum to do CT scan on mummies

SPOTLIGHT: Veterinary hospital gets CT scanner

Heart disease screens don't change treatment

Study suggests alternative to invasive heart test

Despite fears, radiation health risk remains low

Crowded ERs don't hinder stroke care: study

'Defensive medicine' common in orthopedics

Doctors order tests to fend off lawsuits, says study

Radiation in heart procedures tied to cancer risk


  Ancient mummy undergoes high-tech scan

Nov. 10: Scientists at a California university are using a CT scan machine to discover what's under an ancient mummy wrap. KGET's Jennifer Duck reports.

  Queen Nefertiti has two faces

April 1: A CT scan of Queen Nefertiti's bust reveals a detailed stone carved face hidden millimeters beneath her stucco sculpture.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Lucy's jaw reconstructed ... virtually

Feb. 6: This 3-D animation of the mandible from Lucy's fossilized hominid skeleton was constructed from CT scanning data. The video shows the external anatomy of the mandible as well as internal view of the mandible and teeth.

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