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Paralyzed Monkey Controls Arm Via Brain

A monkey partially paralyzed by a spinal cord injury was able to control its arm using an external link between its brain and spinal cord, a new study shows. Full story

Paralyzed bride’s ‘big step to independence’

   In this TODAY update, Rachelle Chapman, who was paralyzed before her wedding, and her husband, Chris, talk about her recovery process, including her growing ability to bear weight on her legs.

Kerrigan stands up for those who can't

Cause Celeb talks with  former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan about her involvement with The Buoniconti Fund,  which aims to  find a cure for paralysis resulting from spinal cord injuries. Full story

Flight attendant seriously injured in turbulence

A flight attendant received a spinal cord injury when she was thrown into the air after the plane hit turbulence. Full story

Brainpower: Human Minds May Soon Control Prosthetic Limbs

Brain-controlled robotic limbs could soon give paralyzed individuals a new chance at mobility. Full story

Cancer drug may eventually help spinal chord injuries

The cancer drug Taxol stimulates the growth of nerve cells in the spine after a spinal cord injury, and reduces scaring in these cells, according to a new study in rats. Full story

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