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The long journey for former Governor Jim McGreevey

New Jersey’s former Governor Jim McGreevey discusses coming out and the fight for equal rights.Full story

Former NJ gov's second act is helping others with second chances

  Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey joins Alex Wagner to discuss his “second act” after leaving office.

Recounting Jim McGreevey's fall from grace and personal rebuilding

  The Cycle hosts talk to former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey and HBO filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi about the new documentary about McGreevey’s path from the Governor’s mansion to the Episcopal church as an openly gay spiritual advisor to women in prison.

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  McGreevey: ‘I’m in a very good place right now’

Jim McGreevey and director Alexandrea Pelosi join Morning Joe to discuss their new documentary, “Fall to Grace,” which follows the former New Jersey governor from his resignation to his role today as a spiritual advisor to women. McGreevey also shares his thoughts on the same-sex marriage debate, sa

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