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Moods and Booze: Alcohol's Effects Different in Men and Women

Gender may influence which emotions drive heavy drinkers to drink, and how they feel the next day, according to new research. But the study also showed that neither men nor women who drink heavily effectively drown their sorrows with alcohol. Full story

'Fatal Attraction,' Part 2

   Beth thought she'd found love. Then she began to notice disturbing things about her new boyfriend, Tom Toolan.

Matthew Perry on his struggle with alcoholism

   Actor Matthew Perry reflected on his personal struggle with alcoholism at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals conference near Washington DC. 

College Drinking: Guys Get 'Wasted'; Women Become 'Tipsy'

When college-age guys and gals are asked to describe how drunk one of their friends is, they tend to apply more moderate terms to women, even when females are heavily intoxicated, a new study reveals. Full story

Drinks companies, tourism industry criticize Turkey's plan to curb alcohol sales

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Drinks companies and the tourism industry voiced opposition to Turkey's plans to ban alcohol advertising and curb sales ahead of a final decision on the bill, saying it could hit tourism revenues and have little impact on alcohol abuse. Full story

College Women Don't Need to Binge to Over-Drink

College guys may outdrink women on any given night, but new research finds that the ladies are more likely than their male counterparts to exceed weekly alcohol limits. Full story

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New York mayoral hopeful Quinn opens up about overcoming bulimia

Ask adult patients about alcohol misuse: panel

Not enough data to support suicide screening: panel

Mmm! Taste of Beer Triggers Good Feelings in the Brain

People eat more unhealthy foods on days they drink

Beer Goggles: How Alcohol Disrupts the Brain

Alcohol counseling may aid domestic abuse therapy

Teens More Likely to Drink If Their BFFs Do

Alcoholics' Brains Recover Quickly After Detox

Marriage Drives Women to Drink, Study Suggests


  Struggling with alcoholism: a personal novel

Author Ann Leary talks about her new novel, “The Good House,” which takes a look at women and alcoholism.

  Matthews: Addiction is destructive, and we as a society must confront it

Chris Matthews talks about the dangers of addiction, and the need for more people to come forward to address the many problems that come with alcoholism and drug addictions that society glosses over.

  Who is Wade Michael Page?

Researchers say the alleged gunman in the Wisconsin Sikh temple was deeply involved in hate group subculture. The Army veteran, who was discharged for a drinking problem, played in two bands associated with racist skinheads. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

  Study: Alcohol abuse up for weight-loss surgery patients

People who've had gastric bypass surgery may be more susceptible to alcohol abuse and new statistics show the hospital can be a dangerous place for Alzheimer’s patients. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

  KLG’s co-host Pat O’Brien talks recovery, sobriety

Radio host and author Pat O’Brien opens up to TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford about his struggle with alcoholism, his recovery, and his thoughts on Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

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ATAS Emmy Nominee Party For Stunt Coordination
ATAS Emmy Nominee Party For Stunt Coordination

Actor David Hasselhoff of Baywatch and Knight Rider fame, admits to an alcohol addiction that began in the early 1970s. While struggling to find work, Hasselhoff reveals he found comfort in beer, scotch, and tequila. Hasselhoff fled a rehab center in 2002 wearing only sweatpants, a tank top, and ten