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Smile when you eat veggies — your kid is watching

If you want your kids to eat their broccoli, you might try smiling when you eat your own veggies, a small study suggests.Full story

Weight loss programs may diminish depression

Obese people who participate in a weight loss program based on exercise and lifestyle changes end up less depressed, according to a new review. Full story

Pterosaurs 10 times heavier than biggest birds

Today's heaviest flying bird, the 48-pound Kori Bustard, was a lightweight compared to dinosaur-era flying reptiles known as pterosaurs, according to a new study that presents a novel method for estimating pterosaur weight. Full story

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Early school start equals slimmer students

Obesity on the rise in animals

Arthritis drug less effective for obese patients

Cricket sets testicle size record

Some birth control less effective for heavy women

Experimental diet pill shows promise, little risk

Obesity surgery in mom leaves babies healthier

Diabetes soars in Asia — especially in the young

United Airlines weighs in on ‘seat infringement’

Depression in elderly tied to heart disease


  Schoolbags can be a pain — in the back

Elizabeth Shaw, of Parenting magazine, shows how to pick out a fun, safe and affordable backpack for your child.

  ‘Fit’ woman now feeds ‘hungry heart’ healthfully

Lina Koutrakos, 55, fed her depression with plates of pizza and pasta. With a better diet and exercise, she was able to shed 139 pounds in 18 months.

  Summer slim-down tips

Jennifer Cohen, fitness expert and author of "No Gym Required," answers viewers’ questions and offers advice on achieving a sleek physique.

  ‘Old-fashioned hard work’ helped ‘Loser’ win

“Biggest Loser: Couples” winner Michael Ventrella speaks with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about his weight-loss transformation after dropping 264 lbs, the most in the show’s history.

  Picture of Health: What our bodies really look like

Feb. 11: While many women look to models for body beauty standards, the average American woman is 20 lbs overweight. See the bodies of models and average women compared to a healthy body weight.

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Blackcaps, a small and common type of warbler, spends winters in Africa and summers in Europe. New research showed that the small birds lower their body temperatures to maintain body weight during the long journey.