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Month in Space: April 2013

  Feast your eyes on an alligator-like mountain range and other curiosities seen from outer space in April 2013.

Gooey Suits Help Teensy Critters Survive Space Conditions

A suit a thousand times thinner than a human hair or more can help microscopic animals survive a harsh vacuum, such as would be the case in outer space, researchers say. Full story

No earthly bounds for these students

  A volunteer space program is making it possible for kids around the world to send their own science projects to the edge of space, sparking a new passion for outer space. NBC’s Diana Alvear reports.

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New Glue Stays Sticky Even In Outer Space

Play Nice Up There! Code of Conduct for Space Sought

Microbial Star Trekkers Survive 553 Days in Space


  'It will be pretty cool to see what happens'

The fifth grade class of Mather Heights Elementary School is on a mission. They're putting the finishing touches on their homemade science projects - housed in ping pong balls - before launching them to the edge of outer space. The class described their big ideas - in their own words - to NBC's Dian

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TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Mira ObermanThis undated image released by Fermilab shows 4-mile (6.4-km) in circumference Tevatron accelerator which uses superconducting magnets chilled to minus 450 degrees Fahrenheit (-268C), as cold as outer space, to move particles at nearly the speed of light. The Fe

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Space Lab

The YouTube Space Lab aims to get students thinking about outer space as their experimental sphere.

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