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Study: Doctors missing strokes in kids with anemia

Doctors may be missing "silent strokes" in a small but significant number of children with severe anemia, who may be unfairly labeled as slow learners when in fact they have a medical problem, troubling new research suggests. Full story

Drug eases pain of sickle cell anemia

A new drug may improve blood flow in patients with sickle-cell disease, easing pain and reducing their risk of dying from the condition, a new study suggests. Full story

NC school fires official over sickle cell death

North Carolina A&T State University fired an athletics official and suspended a second after learning coaches were urged against testing potential athletes for sickle cell trait two days before one died during a tryout. Full story

Easing bone marrow transplants to widen their use

Bone marrow transplants are undergoing a quiet revolution: No longer just for cancer, research is under way to ease the risks so they can target more people with diseases from sickle cell to deadly metabolic disorders. Full story

Humans still evolving as our brains shrink

Evolution in humans is commonly thought to have essentially stopped in recent times. But there are plenty of examples that the human race is still evolving, including our brains, and there are even signs that our evolution may be accelerating. Full story

Rare athlete deaths spur sickle cell trait testing

Thousands of families carry the gene that causes sickle cell disease and don't know it — even though almost every newborn today is tested for what's called "sickle cell trait." Full story

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