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Owning Your Mistakes and 4 More Business Tips From the Week

Read how to lead by example when you fail, how to benefit from stress, how to reinvigorate your team during the summer and more. Full story

WHO: Treat people with HIV early to stop spread

Young children and certain other people with the AIDS virus should be started on medicines as soon as they are diagnosed, the World Health Organization says in new guidelines that also recommend earlier treatment for adults. Full story

Type 1 diabetes vaccine shows promise in early study: researchers

CHICAGO (Reuters) - An early stage study suggests an experimental vaccine may be able to tame bits of the immune system that go haywire in people with type 1 diabetes, offering hope for a new way to delay or prevent the autoimmune disease, researchers said on Wednesday. Full story

Blood tests could detect sexually-transmitted oral cancers

LONDON (Reuters) - Antibodies to a high-risk type of a virus that causes mouth and throat cancers when transmitted via oral sex can be detected in blood tests many years before onset of the disease, according to a World Health Organisation-led team of researchers. Full story

New MS Treatment 'Tricks' Immune System

An experimental treatment that involves injecting multiple-sclerosis (MS) patients with their own white blood cells has been shown to be safe, according to a new study. The study also provided some evidence that the treatment was effective in modifying the immune system. Full story

Immunotherapy is not just for melanoma anymore

CHICAGO/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Diagnosed with advanced lung cancer over a year ago, Gabe Tartaglia was loath to undergo the kind of harsh chemotherapy that had devastated his sister before her death three years earlier from pancreatic cancer. Full story

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Study: Stress Isn't Hot

Melanoma treatment uses immune system to kill cancer cells

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Brain Region Found to Control Aging

Roche immune therapy cancer drug shows promise in early study

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  Study: parents’ saliva stimulates baby’s immune system

A Swedish study published in the journal Pediatrics found children exposed to their parents’ saliva were less likely to develop allergies than those who weren’t. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

  New rules for testing for food allergies in kids

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology recently released specific guidelines for parents regarding how and when to introduce new foods to safely test their babies for allergies. Pediatrician Alanna Levine discusses the new rules.

  Bobbie’s Buzz: Essential oil patches help fight flu

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows off essential oil patches that will help fight colds and flu, and coconut oil that has been proven to boost your immune system, great for when you’re around people fighting off an illness.

  Germaphobes to blame for rise in allergies, asthma?

The very tools we use to battle bacteria and viruses may actually end up ‘training’ our immune systems to attack allergens. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

  July 9: Nightly News Monday broadcast

Blazing sun leaves scorched crops in its wake; Arkansas drought threatens cattle industry; Obama advocates for tax cut extension; Rapid change in Syria as rebels gain power; Rapid change in Syria as rebels gain power; Remembering actor Ernest Borgnine; Washington Monument to remain closed for repair

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This microscopy image provided by Dr. Carl June on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011 shows immune system T-cells, center, binding to beads which cause the cells to divide. The beads, depicted in yellow, are later removed, leaving pure T-cells which are then ready for infusion to the cancer patients. Scientis